A mobile stripping module from FRANDSEN TEKNOLOGI ensures a fast, effective and easy demolition of buildings.

Under difficult circumstances in densely populated areas where dust must be minimised and accessibility is poor a mobile stripping unit on caterpillars is perfectly suited. The stripping unit moves remotely controlled inside the building from one floor to another. All the inside materials are finely cut and transported through a pipe system to containers on street level.

The stripping unit can fine cut all inside parts of buildings - ceilings, cables, power lines, carpets, linoleum, plasterboard walls with or without tiles, doors, windows. The materials are sucked into containers and electronically controlled the different materials can be sorted at source into different containers. Therefore, the entire container capacity can be used most efficiently as the materials have a reduced volume and are cheaper to dispose of.

The mobile

stripping unit drives around remotely controlled and can operate near the dismantling place.


We supply mobile fine cutters within the following technical specifications:

Cutting chambers: from 425x350 up to 1,400 x 2,500 mm

Width of cutting knives: from 14 mm up to 52 mm

Engine rating: from 300 KGM up to 12,000 KGM

Revolutions/min: from 6 RPM up to 44 RPM

Weight: from 650 kg up to 10,000 kg

The mobile stripping unit is particularly suitable for:

Demolition contractors for fine cutting on site of stone wool, wood, gypsum and plastic waste etc.

Carpentry firms with a regular need to dispose of wood waste.

Gardening firms
for cutting garden waste for composting immediately after fine cutting.

Big deposits
of cardboard that must be recycled..

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